What Is VPN

what is vpn

When talk revolves around Kodi and Terrarium TV as well as Android Boxes the use of a VPN comes up and to be honest considering the legal talk swarming around Kodi and Terrarium TV they are not a bad idea. In this article we are going to take a closer look at VPNs.

VPN Kodi Terrarium TV

What Is A VPN

A VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network and what it does is takes your normal IP address and basically gives you a new one. There are many reasons why someone would want to use a VPN which I will cover more in depth later in this article however the main one is safety. The problem with IP addresses is it tells everyone exactly where you are and this can become a major problem. Just a quick side not for my Canadian readers this is how some of your friends and family members are able to get the American version of Netflix

Why Use A VPN

As I mentioned the main reason someone chooses to use a VPN is for safety reasons. Let’s look at a number of examples to give you a clearer pictures

1) Just Surfing The Web – Needless to say your IP address can reveal a lot about you to companies who are tracking your every move. Don’t believe me? How do you think companies are able to advertise a certain product that is located exactly where you live? Yep that darn IP address. Now these companies are for the most part pretty honest in their policies however the web contains a certain group of people who are not so much.

2) Banking And Shopping – In this day and age all of us do most of our banking and from time to time shop online. This is a danger point for a lot of people who have seen their information stolen by one of those before mentioned groups of people. With a VPN your exact location is not revealed making it that much harder to steal your information

3. Avoiding Geographic Barriers – It annoys me when I come upon a site that has a video that I want too much but turns out I am not allowed to because I live in Canada and not the United States. With a VPN those geographic barriers are no longer an issue.

4. Safety Using WIFI In Public – When you are using WIFI at your local coffee shop you are putting yourself at risk from people who are capable of stealing your data. With a VPN this becomes virtually impossible as your VPN is heavily encrypted making this task almost impossible.

Kodi And Terrarium TV With VPN

So now we need to talk about the two most popular streaming apps and why VPN is such a good idea. Whether Kodi or Terrarium is illegal is something that comes down to where you live. In Canada it is not illegal to stream Television Shows or Movies however it is illegal to download them. The other issue at hand is that neither Kodi nor Terrarium actually contains the links that one would use to stream the videos. That being said with the use of a VPN the point is moot as it is virtually impossible to determine where a person is streaming the video from.

Well there you have the basics and the need for a VPN. Check out the banner before to learn more about VPNs

What Is VPN
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What Is VPN
What Is VPN. What Is Virtual Private Network. Learn how a VPN can keep you safe
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