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When you are looking at Android Boxes there are a ton of options out there from the Rveal 2 streaming media player to the Amazon Fire Stick to a variety of android boxes that may lack the name brand but come with a ton of power. During this article we are going to look at the top Android Boxes of 2018 and hopefully will provide you with the information needed to make a wise choice and enable you to enter the world of streaming media.

Before we look at individual android boxes there is a number of criteria that we need to look at closely in order to make your purchase the right one and save you from wasting money on an android box that to put bluntly will not serve you well

It seems the latest trend when it comes to streaming media devices is the upgrade to 4K video which of course is the highest level of graphics at the moment however this has more to do with your television than it does with the android box. What I am trying to say here is if your television is not the 4K variety than the android box will be unable to provide this viewing capability. Unfortunately 4K television are pretty new to the market so their price point is still on the high end. The bottom line is if your TV is not 4K capable than there is no point in getting an android box that has this capability

Another criteria to look at when viewing streaming media players is the amount of storage that is available with the device. Applications such as Kodi or Terrarium are the two most popular apps when talking about Android Boxes and although they are not huge in size they do require some space so the highly rated Amazon Fire Stick is a fantastic option and one we will review later in this article only comes with a gigabyte of storage where the average android box comes with double the amount. This is important to be aware of especially if you are planning to downloading a ton of games or large apps. Storage is important when considering which streaming device to purchase.

The ability to update with ease is another criteria that we need to take a closer look at and is a main drawback when it comes to certain android boxes. The two apps I have mentioned before Kodi and Terrarium need to be frequently updated and unfortunately this can be rather difficult. Terrarium is not to bad as the updates tend to be small and just requires a couple of steps but Kodi is a whole different story. If you are not familiar with Kodi it runs on a number of addons, as in hundreds, that need to be updated from time to time and normally it is relatively painless however when Kodi goes up to the next version it can require a series of steps which some may feel daunting. There are actually people in my area who charge forty dollars to upgrade their android devices. Thankfully there are a number of videos on YouTube that will show you how to upgrade your device. For those looking for a device that will handle all the updates with ease than you should focus on the Rveal 2 Streaming Devices or the Fire Stick By Amazon.

Now that we have considered a few points lets take a look at the three top streaming devices currently available on Amazon. To keep this objective the three android boxes are all capable of providing you with tons of entertainment but they all accomplish this task in a different manner.

Currently the number one streaming device available for purchase is the Rveal 2 Streaming Media Device and this beauty is extremely popular. The Rveal 2 may be the most user-friendly of all the android boxes that we are going to look at from the simple setup to automatic updates so all you have to do is plug it in and power it on. The Rveal 2 Streaming Media Device comes loaded with a ton of apps already installed such as Netflix, YouTube and HBO Access. Of course you can also download both Kodi and Terrarium onto the device. The Rveal 2 is incredibly powerful coming with one of the best processors available through an android box. If you are looking for a simple set up, powerful CPU and automatic updates make sure to check out the  Rveal 2 Streaming Media Device

The second streaming device we will take a closer look at is the Amazon Fire TV Stick which just recently was upgraded to include Alexa voice control. Now the Amaon Fire TV Stick is incredibly popular as it provides a Smart TV capability by just plugging the device into one of the HDMI ports in your television set and off you go. The only real downside with the Fire TV Stick is its small amount of storage that comes with this particular streaming device and there have been complaints on the difficulty of installing programs of adding both Kodi and Terrarium, however with a little bit of searching through Google there are ways to do both rather painlessly. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular option for a variety of reasons and the main one being the price. Due to the fact that the Fire TV Stick is created by Amazon and mass-produced it has an incredibly low price point that makes it a great option.

The third streaming device we are going to look at is the Leelbox MXQ Pro Android 6.0 TV Box which I have chosen as this is the device I have been using for the last year and I do not have any real complaints. This particular Android Box does not come preloaded with a ton of apps like the Fire TV Stick or the Rveal 2 streaming devices but thankfully Leelbox makes it pretty easy. Once the Leelbox MXQ Pro Android TV Box is connected to your television set by the HDMI cable and plugged into the wall all you have to do is hit the help button on the included remote which will bring you to their website. Once on their site there are a variety of options available for you to download off of their site and you choose the ones you want to use. Unfortunately it does not include Terrarium TV app on their site but it is pretty easy to find and add it to your android box. As I mentioned before when it comes to updating the add-ons for Kodi or terrarium it does require a bit of maneuvering which some may not appreciate. My mom actually has this very box and I tend to get a phone call a month for help to how to upload or download or fix her streaming device. Android boxes such as the Leelbox MXQ Pro Android 6.0 TV Box does require some tech abilities that some users may not be comfortable with. Another drawback when dealing with simple Android Boxes is that there are questions on how they are built overseas. As mentioned before I have used Leelbox products for quite sometime and it is the android box I tend to recommend to my tech savy friends

As you can see there are similarities and differences between the three streaming media devices that I have outlined in this article. If you are concerned with the user friendliness of the streaming device than stick with the Rveal 2 or the Fire TV Stick but if you are willing to play with the device and count on YouTube for help than the Leelbox may be the right choice for you.

Android boxes or streaming media devices are the way of the future, instead of spending extra money on getting the latest Smart television set one of these devices are the way to go. Picking the right one is up to you and I hope I have helped

Top Android Boxes For 2018
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Top Android Boxes For 2018. Learn about the best Android Boxes of 2018 in order to enjoy Kodi and Terrarium
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  1. Thank you so much for this in-depth and informative article on the top android boxes.

    I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time now, but there are so many different boxes out there it’s hard to pick the right one for yourself. I’m leaning towards the Rveal. Do you know if this box will work in Canada?

    1. Hi.  I am from Northern Ontario so yes they work here.  The Rveal is a great unit with a strong reputation.  Thanks for replying

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