Kodi Versus Terrarium TV

When it comes to the two most popular apps Kodi and Terrarium TV they both have their similarities but at the end of the day if you only had to choose one which is the best choice. Both Kodi and Terrarium TV allow you to stream television programs and movies but they have a different design. Throughout this article we will break the two most popular android box apps down to enable you to figure out which will best serve you

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV: Kodi Overview

Kodi is powered by add-ons which has its pluses and minuses. The Kodi add-ons allow you to choose from hundreds of different specialized programming plus the general TV and Movies. The problem of course with add-ons is that they constantly go down without notice so you are always searching for new and improved to ensure that your streaming runs smoothly

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV: Terrarium Overview

Terrarium TV does not use any add-ons it is a single program that allows you to pick and choose your television show or movie. Of course the problem with running a single program is that if it goes down it will not work at all. For simplicity Terrarium TV is much easier to use which appeals to most cable cutters

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV – Kodi Options

Where Kodi shines in this battle versus Terrarium TV is the number of options available. With Kodi and the right add-ons you basically have access to any type of programming. From movies to TV to live sporting events to music and the list goes on. As long as the add-ons are working properly it is difficult to compete against the selection available with Kodi

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV – Terrarium Options

Terrarium TV offers both movies and television programs and that is it. There are no live channels nor sporting events

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV – Kodi Technical

Kodi is not the easiest platform to use especially when compared to Terrarium TV. When it comes to updating and installing add-ons it is a series of steps that the user must follow. Installing the latest version of Kodi is a tricky process that someone people find more convenient to outsource the entire event. There are an assortments of YouTube videos and web pages dedicated to just updating Kodi to the latest version. It should also be noted that not all android boxes are capable of operating the latest version of Kodi due to certain parameters.

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV – Terrarium Technical

This is where Terrarium TV shines as the process of updating Terrarium is simply a click of the button. Due to there being no add-ons this process of updating is incredibly easy to do. The initial installing of Terrarium TV is similar to installing YouTube on your android box. Find the app in the Google Play store and just start your download

Kodi Versus Terrarium

Kodi Versus Terrarium TV – Streaming Content

When it comes to the end game with both Kodi and Terrarium TV they both require the use of streams from an assortments of sites where the programs exist. Once you find the movie or television program you find a link inside of either program and hopefully it will stream smoothly. I have found that Terrarium TV has better streaming links and is constantly updating their program to include the best streaming locations.

So there we have Kodi Versus Terrarium and it is a tight race plus there is no reason not to have both apps on your device. If you are looking for a simple program to enjoy watching television programs or movies than Terrarium TV is the obvious choice. However if you also want to enjoy live programming and are not afraid of doing a little research for the technical aspects than check out Kodi.

I hope this article was helpful to you when it comes to Kodi versus Terrarium TV.

Kodi Versus Terrarium
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  1. I was looking for an alternative to DirecTV and came across your site. I’m tired of the high monthly bills from satellite and cable providers so I figured I’d do some online streaming. Kodi and Terrarium both sound great and I’m going to give both a try and see which one I like better. Thanks for a great comparison.


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