The Key To Getting The Best Android Box

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When it comes to buying an android box there seems to be a ton of options out there with more coming out each and every day. Now there are a ton of warnings that you need to be aware of before handing over your credit card that you need to be aware of which I will cover below along with a couple of points that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing an android box

I was walking through a local flea market about a month ago as my son was looking for an older video game that he can not find online. Anyway we walked past a booth that caught my immediate attention as the person was advertising a revolutionary entertainment system that would allow you to watch thousands of movies and television shows with ease. Of course what he was selling was an android box that was equipped with Kodi and Terrarium but what caught my eye was the price as he was selling this amazing system for two hundred and fifty bucks. I took a peak at the android box he was selling and recognized it quickly as the same one I purchased from Amazon for less than fifty bucks. The point I am trying to get here is that there are a lot of people out there looking to cash in on others lack of information. Between Kijiji and Facebook there are a ton of people selling Android boxes for twice or three times what they are actually worth


Kodi and Terrarium are what sells Android Boxes and I have seen too many ads lately promising the best of each but that is misleading. Both Kodi and Terrarium are just small programs that anyone can get online for the ripe ole sum of free. Both of the top streaming applications are free and have remained free. It is not difficult to learn how to install either one of the programs and there are a ton of YouTube videos out there that will show you how to accomplish this n mere minutes. Having one or both of the programs installed on an android box should not be a selling point.

Android boxes are not for everyone and if you happen to live somewhere with a very slow internet connection the best Android box is not going to work well. It is essential that you have reliable internet and I always suggest having unlimited downloads as well. There is a quick test for this as you can download Kodi or Terrarium on your computer or tablet to make sure it is capable of running on your current internet connection

I am going to wrap this up as it is getting late so what I want you to take from this brief article is buyer beware. There is a reason I do not sell two hundred dollar android boxes on my website as the one’s I do review will do the job just as well

Choosing The Right Android Box
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Choosing The Right Android Box
Choosing The Right Android Box. Find out the best android box for Kodi and Terrarium TV
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2 thoughts on “The Key To Getting The Best Android Box

  1. Wow I have seen anyone while out and about trying to sell a android box for $250 but anyone with some will simple knowledge would automatically feel there is something wrong here.

    Personally if I wanted an android tv I would just design my own with a Raspberry pi, the process is simple and you can get really good results for really cheap!

    I definitely would have messed with that guy, seen what he had to say about the device and then show him the Amazon listing!

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