About Me

About Me

Hi and thank you for visiting my website here at Top
Android Boxes For Kodi.  I have been using android boxes for sometime
as it is a much more affordable way to enjoy all of the movies and
television programs without having to search for the DVD’s.

I tend
to watch a ton of movies and television programs as I work on my online
business and with the temperatures being way below zero at the moment
most of my time is spent indoors.  I am definitely a person who likes to
devour a complete series in a matter of days so Netflix and I are on
really good terms at the moment however because of Netflix’s limited
selection I do rely on both Kodi and Terrarium TV to get the best

Well I have rambled on enough here and I hope you find
what you are looking for.  I deal strictly with Amazon for my Android
Box reviews as they are easily the most reliable and have the best

1 thought on “About Me

  1. You are a knowledgeable person and me, although not so technical,
    I understood what you were saying. Where are you from. I got cold just reading your sentence about the weather.

    If you ever have time to edit your page, About Me, please tell me some personal things too.

    I enjoyed reading your reviews also.

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